Recruitment support for junior, middle and Senior- level positions

Recruitment support partners can provide valuable support to companies of all sizes, helping them to recruit and hire top talent for junior, middle, and senior-level positions.

Referrals from our own database

By encouraging employees to refer candidates for open positions, you can tap into a valuable source of talent and improve your hiring process.

Recruitment Co ordi-nation

Recruitment coordination is the process of managing the entire recruitment process, from identifying and sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and making hiring decisions. It is a critical function for any company that wants to attract and hire top talent.

Releasing Appoint-ment Advertise-ments

We are looking for talented and motivated Software Engineers to join our team. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology

Resume collection and preliminary screening

Resume collection and preliminary screening are the first two steps in the job interview process. They are important because they help you to identify qualified candidates for your open positions and to narrow down the pool of applicants to a manageable number.

Tabulations of summarised resumes

Tabulations of summarized resumes for job interviews can be a helpful tool for hiring managers to quickly and easily compare candidates.

Administering aptitude and technical tests

Which tests will be administered, The order in which the tests will be administered, The time limit for each test, The materials that will be provided to the test takers, The instructions that will be given to the test takers, How the tests will be scored